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21 Ways on How to Deal with a Broken Heart

To be in love is the most beautiful phase of life. Sometimes, even best of relationships end up in ashes. Life becomes difficult especially, when you are not the one to call it off. As an old adage goes ‘Time heals everything’ so a broken heart too. However, to pass this painful journey is not easy but, as we all know ‘life goes on’ and ‘time waits for none’. So it is better you become in charge of your life, once again. Hence, there are ways to bring you life on the right track –

1. Travel – Someone has rightly said “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”. Thus, take a trip down to the place you always desired to or simply travel places as a backpacker and you would be able to see travel as mediation. It would not only rejuvenate your mind but, the change of environment and interaction with strangers will make you grow as an individual.

2. Shopping – Who does not like to deck up well? So how about a makeover? Everyone likes it! Go shopping with your friends at malls or a street shopping. It works well because at least there is something that keeps you happy. Moreover, if you are dressed well you would remain happy and confident. After a break up never lose your confidence that you were not good for him/ her. Therefore, shop shop till you drop! Anyways, to party hard you would require all sorts of dresses.

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3. Party – Do not decline offers to party if you are invited. Invite people over and party hard. Organizing the party will keep you busy for a while.

4. Gym / Workouts – Do not even think on sitting on the couch and binging on ice creams or junk food because the more you consume carbs later, it would get more difficult to burn fat out of your system. Hence, it is advisable that you go for gym to channelize your energy and do not sit idle at all. This will help you to avoid thinking about your ex. If you aren’t fond of gym then you can go for spinning classes or simply jogging. You never know whom you bump into at the gym so be all geared up for it.

5. Yoga – Burn your fats and calm your senses. It will help you to take over your life, once again.

6. Meditation – Meditating will make you feel peaceful at heart.

7. Go through the Pain – For once, if you feel like taking it out so do whatever it takes you to hence, cry as much you want or simply hear all sad songs you wish to but sooner you come over it the better.

8. Be Helpful – Visit NGO or an organization that needs help to raise funds for charity purpose. Help them to win their score and you would win yourself back with it.

9. Be New You – Go and make new friends maybe, while scuba diving lessons or by joining a book club.

10. Clean the Junk Memories – If you have any gifts, cards or any sort of memories you must wipe it off from your home. It will help to see life with fresh perspective.

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