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3 Best Exercises and workout for Women

Have you ever thought that in case the exercises, which you are doing, will offer the best outcomes for your body? Well, there is no need to look any further. The moves over here provide body benefits to every woman. There is no need of taking gym memberships, nor there is need for buying fancy equipments. You need to make them a part of our fitness routine regularly and you will be feeling and looking better very fast.

They engage more muscles than any other moves, which you will come across. Squats help in working on the thighs, abs and glutes. You do not require any equipment for performing squats. However, if you want, you can add dumbbells or stability balls for adding challenges. You should perform at least couple of sets of 12 repetitions. More sets and repetitions will be better for you.

workout 10Credit:Maria Ly

One-Arm Dumber Rows
If you want to look leaner and longer, you need to improve the posture. Rounded shoulders are a common view in most women, when comparatively heavier breasts take the shoulders forward and there are weak upper back muscles to go along with that. In most cases, women only train what they feel is a problem. However, if you work on strengthening the back muscles, you will be able to improve your postures. Such exercises also help in giving upper body strength by targeting muscles in bicep, back and shoulder. Similar to Squats, you just need to cover couple of sets of 12 repetitions initially, but increase with time.

Bicycle Crunches
Based on different result, it has been inferred that bicycle crunch can be the most effective core exercise existing at this moment for working on hips and abs. You do not require any particular equipment for this exercise. Again, start with couple of sets of 12 repetitions and increase when you feel that you can.

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