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Former Spice Girl Diva Campaigns to Save Wild Tiger

Former Spice Girl Diva, Melanie Chislom, popularly known as Mel C, is a supporter of the TigerTime Campaign, organized by the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, ever since the campaign was launched in 2011. As a part of the campaign, she was invited to visit the Ranthambore National Park in June 2015. She grabbed the opportunity with both hands and visited India to spent three days there.

After having an incredible time in the park, she came out with an open statement talking about the current state of wild tigers. She believes that since the count of tigers have reduced by 97 percent due to illegal tiger body parts trading in the black market, it is our responsibility to ensure that there are enough funds to have these tigers saved and increase the number of tigers to a considerable amount.

She fears that if enough effort is not given, then the tiger will become extinct and the 41-year-old singer, her children and the future generation will not be able to enjoy the site of white tiger ever. She also described her experience of India in a hot 45 degree celsius was quite good and if given an option, she will definitely like to visit the country again.

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