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How and Where Do I Begin to Start an Exercise Program?

Since you have decided that it is the time to become a part of exercising program, the next thing, which will automatically happen with you, is the emergence of a valid question: How and where do I begin to start an exercise program? Is there a particular day, on which I should start? What kind of exercise would be best for me? How often should I exercise? What should be the length of each stretch? Let us check out some of the answers to your many questions.

Firstly, know yourself and things that will suit you. Do remember that a program matching your personality will serve you with the best results.


The time to start an exercise program should be the one, with which you are comfortable. In case you do not like waking up early, jogging might not suit you. In case you have a packed schedule during the day, you will definitely be unable to find time during the day. Just know the time, which suits you and plan your program accordingly. You should ensure that you have schedule sometime from your daily schedule for yourself. You should write it on your calendar. Make sure that you are realistic and you include the time, which you need for getting ready. Even if initially you only can find couple of timelines of 15 minutes each, it will work for you.

When it comes to the type of exercise to start with, there is no specific answer to that. You should start with something, which you feel will help you to enjoy. In case you do not like working out too much in the gym, skip that. Only a jog daily can give you the best result for your body. You can even do some simple exercises at home for startup.

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