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Like Swimming – Workouts and Technique Tips for Swimmers

There is no doubt that swimming is a zero-impact sport. It will help you to achieve a perfect aerobic workout, which uses your entire body. Even though you are going to strain the shoulder area, in case, you will overdo it, but there is absolutely no pounding on the joints (common with other workout techniques). Again, the water does have a gentle and soothing effect upon your body. It is believed that swimming will be helpful for the individuals having arthritis or any form of joint diseases. Let us check out some of the tips for swimmers to get the best results:

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You will spend the most part of the swimming workout doing freestyle. Freestyle is faster than other forms of strokes. However, you will be able to cover a lot more distance than other strokes. You should never cut the strokes short and make an effort to reach as far as possible. You should let the hand enter the water thumb-first to cut it like knife. Then, you should pull through the water in such a manner that the hand could brush the thigh. There should be an S-shaped sculling movement formed with the hand moving in and out of the water. You should elongate the strokes in such a manner than less than 25 strokes would be enough to measure a 25-yard pool. Fewer strokes will serve you with better results. Professional swimmers require less than 15 strokes per length.

Another important thing to note over here is that you should kick using your hips and not the knees. However, you should not kick deeply or allow the feet for breaking the surface of the water. You need to breathe every couple of strokes to get as much of oxygen as possible. If you take lesser breaks, then you will wear down quickly and will not receive the desired results.

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